Have Faith!

Do you ever get that feeling in your life when you just know there’s something you HAVE to do?

It’s not a rational feeling (in fact sometimes it makes no sense at all) but it’s a persistent pressure that is trying to push you in some kind of direction?

And often we resist. Our bodies are designed for survival and don’t like change. Change is scary. Change is painful. Change is sad as it means letting go of the past. 

So we hold on. We do everything we can not to change. We do anything we can to ignore that nagging voice that is telling us now is the time to take the first step into an unknown future. 

Until eventually, hopefully, we’re forced to finally listen to that voice. Events unfold to make our present life either unbearable or untenable, and we’re forced to make a move whether we like it or not.

Well, it’s in those moments that we need to have FAITH. We need to believe in something larger than us. Whether it’s our own subconscious, or our intuition, or the universe, or God, or whatever you like to call it, it’s essential to know that there is something greater than our rational mind that is guiding us.

It’s that faith that will help guide us through this difficult and disturbing time. This time when you can no longer see what’s up ahead because it’s somewhere you’ve never been before. When you’re forced to let go of everything you know in return for something you have no idea about. 

This is a scary, confusing, and downright difficult phase in our lives, and chances are you’ll go through it many times. 

But let whatever that voice is in your heart or your head guide you. And know that somehow, somewhere, something is guiding you on to a better, brighter future. 

And that is faith. 

So, if that little voice is telling you to learn Spanish, then now’s the time to make the most of it!