Have even more faith!

The other day I talked about how difficult it is sometimes to make changes in our lives even when we know those changes will be better for us in the long run.

There is some strange instinct in humanity that tells us if we keep doing the same thing then everything will be all right.

But that’s not quite true. If we keep doing the same thing then everything will be the same. And if something’s not working in your life, then you probably don’t want things to remain the same. You want things to change. But funnily enough – you don’t actually want to change yourself. You somehow magically want things around you to change.

If you do gather up the courage to change, though, or if you’re forced to change, then this is where things can get really hard.

At first it might be exciting, it might be liberating, but pretty soon you’ll find yourself lost at sea. 

You’ve let go of your old life, hopefully headed in the direction of a new one, but for weeks, months, or even years, you’ll be afloat in the great unknown…

You’ll be between worlds, between lives, and this is a very confusing and scary place to be. Your instinct will tell you to turn back, to return to what you know is safe.

But this is the time when we must have FAITH. When we have to hold on to that memory that what we had wasn’t working, and that there is a better future out there for us somewhere.

Even though you can’t see it yet, there is land on the other side of that ocean, and it’ll be a better place for you. 

And if it’s not, you know what? It doesn’t matter. Because you know how to sail now, and you can keep searching until you do find what you’re looking for. If you believe in it, then it’s out there somewhere. 

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