Best Places to Learn Spanish in Sydney

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Best places to learn Spanish in Sydney

Sydney, just like most Australian cities, is composed of residents from all walks of life. And do you know what the best thing is? Everyone appreciates the diversity and the different cultures. For you to ultimately enjoy and appreciate the Spanish culture, it’s essential for you to learn Spanish in Sydney.

Well, perhaps you love the Spanish dialect – you know, the nice romantic words such as Me gustas (I like you), Te amo (I Love you) and so on; or maybe you want to travel to one of the Spanish speaking nations and get to communicate fluently. You have an option of taking some classes and learning Spanish in Sydney.  

But hey, not every place that claims to offer professional Spanish classes will lead you through this road to fluency in the language. You need professionals who understand what you need to slowly understand every single Spanish word.  

We are going to cover some of the best places to learn Spanish, including platforms where you can learn online without leaving your house, as well as meetups in Sydney groups that will help you better your skills. And it doesn’t end there. We will also take you through some of the things you should put into consideration while choosing the best school for you.

Top Spanish classes Sydney.

It can be a daunting task trying to find the best school for you due to the numerous number of schools available in town. Should you choose to upgrade your lingual status, have a look at these top 5 places to Study Spanish in Sydney:


The Spanish Cat

We are located at Level 2, 70-72 Bathurst Street, Sydney CBD.  We are one of the Best places to learn Spanish in Sydney. Our location is very convenient for those who prefer to use the public means of transport with the Sydney railway substation being only a walking distance.

So you must be wondering, how much will training at Spanish Cat cost me? Single courses cost just $269 per person who The Spanish Cat offers you a range of packages that includes: Backpacker package that goes for just $499, frequent flyer going for $699 , the ‘Speak like a native’ package for serious Spanish fanatics going for $849 and finally the Unlimited Spanish classes’ lifetime going for $1699.

How do you wish to study? Whether you prefer to study online or attending the classes physically, Spanish Cat has all the options available at your disposal. You can even take Skype classes and have one-on-one interaction with your tutor who will walk with you until you learn the language. This, among many other factors, makes it one of the best Spanish schools in Sydney.

Instituto Cervantes Sydney

Located on 3/2990-305 Sussex St is this wonderful Spanish culture hub. This institution provides Spanish classes for both the children and adults who want to Learn Spanish in Sydney. The courses are both the general and conversational. The sessions which run between 1.5 hours to 3 hours can be taken from different places until the 30hour course is complete. Like most other institutions, the sessions run during the morning and evening hours on weekdays and mornings only on weekends. The course prices vary at different times of the year starting at $585 for the basic level. The courses are offered regularly throughout the year.

University of Sydney: Centre for Continuing Education

The CCE is well known for its comprehensive language cover making it one the best places to Study Spanish in Sydney. Located on 160 Missenden Road Newtown, CCE offers great Spanish language options including progression classes aimed at helping you master the language more effectively and the conversation classes on selected topics and themes. The standard progression courses come in 10 comprehensive sessions of 2hour classes. By the time you move from the beginner level that is, level 0 to the last level you will be a Spanish geek. Different learning materials are accorded to you, some of which are at your own cost but at a discount.

The classes run during the evenings on weekdays and afternoons during weekends. Other options for longer sessions are available to you upon enrolling at the institution. You must be wondering what it will cost you, well the courses start from as low as $294

Condor Spanish Academy

The best way to Study Spanish in Sydney is by enrolling yourself in a leading institution. One that offers more than just the Spanish language lessons. Condor Spanish Academy is located Level 3, 436 Kent Street. The institution offers Spanish courses from the beginner level right to the advanced level. It also goes a mile ahead and connects its students to experienced Spanish tutors as well as organizing trips abroad. This has earned it its rightful positions as top 5 best Spanish schools in Sydney.

Workers Educational Association (WEA)

This institution offers beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of the finest selection of Spanish courses at a nonprofit Community College. The institution also offers conversational courses and workshops that involve lots of travelling.

Want to take you Spanish classes in Sydney from this institution? Then it is worth noting that prices kick off from as low as $180. Their 9 lessons cost a lump sum of $235. Why join this college? Not only will you benefit from the low prices but also because of their beneficial workshops. Workshops are good because they expose you to greater experience.

Meet-up groups.

If you have to develop your Spanish language skills, then it is worth intermingling with members of different groups. Such groups meet up and interact in many ways that promote the growth of the culture as well as the vocabulary. A good example is the Sydney Spanish language Group. With a whopping 4,584 members, this group meets on a weekly basis. The group screens a Spanish film monthly over which students and members of the Spanish native meet and make friends as they interact. The group also engages in outdoor activities such as trips to the Blue. In case you want to catch up with them, attend their weekly meetings every alternate Tuesday and Wednesday at St. James Hotel at 6.30pm.

There’s also the Sydney Newtown Spanish Language Meetup. This 34 members group will help you explore Newtown and get a grip of what the town holds. There are many mysteries that the group unfolds in their quest to keep the Spanish alive as they interact amongst each other. You are sure to learn a thing or two about the Spanish people and, of course, advance your language skills.

How do you choose the best Spanish school in Sydney!

We all want the best from our choices. This is pretty much the same case when we are choosing Spanish classes in Sydney. It can be quite a task knowing what to look for when searching for the best school in in this town as there are dozens of them with pretty much great offers. But really, how do you tell them apart? Well, there are key pointers that you can use to select the most suitable one.


Location is one crucial factor to keep in mind when looking for the Best places to learn Spanish in Sydney. Why is this important?  The environs and the atmosphere of an institution can affect how fast you learn your overall productivity. You also know if the place is convenient and easily accessible from your home (or place of work) so as to save time.

Real teacher

Teachers who are talented, committed, and with a good sense of vocation while being able to speak Spanish well make the learning both interesting and also prolific. Being able to speak Spanish or even being a native alone does make people great teachers. So how do you tell them apart? You surely won’t go asking the teacher whether he/she is great teacher. Well, it is always good to ask the institution how they assess their teachers. This way, with the answer given, you will be able to gauge whether what you are about to pay for is what is best for you.

Access to social/public amenities.

Institutions that are near social amenities are more favorable than those that are very secluded. Since we are talking about Sydney, then how far are the restaurants? You probably want to grab a bite before you go for that Spanish test. Can you run down the street and order a tacos and be on your way to class or will you have to drive yourself all the way to the mall?

Language school with Tests

Yes, tests are important in evaluating your progress. How will you know if you are doing well by just speaking? If you want to take a Spanish test or exam, then you should consider choosing a school that offers such exams. The good thing with such institutions is that the teachers are examiners. This schools will also have preparation course classes for such exams

Native speakers

Good language schools especially Spanish schools in Sydney are made of teachers who are native speakers. Otherwise how could you have a great school with teachers who don’t know much about the history, culture, pronunciation and expression of the Spanish language? Native speakers have all this qualities and therefore make learning very interesting and fun. Basically their lessons are all about learning about the culture and the pronunciation of words in Spanish. They have great tales to tell too. This is the best way to learn Spanish lessons in Sydney if you want to do so quickly and proficiently.


How will you get to school? Is the school near a substation? Or a bus station for that matter? Institutions that are located too far away from access to public means of transport make it difficult for you getting to class. This is because you will have to be walking quite a distance. A cab is an option to consider, but keep in mind that it will cost you more.

If you will be driving yourself, is there ample parking for you? And how far from the school are the public parking lots? If they are near or maybe the school has ample parking spaces then less trouble for you.


Learning costs money. But how do you know whether that Spanish course is worth the price? A language course that costs extremely a lot is not recommended. However you should be skeptical about conspicuously cheap courses too. There’s always that rate that a good teacher cannot accept less than and that goes for the institution too.  We pay for the customer service, course materials, the facility and also continuing education. An unusually cheap school will probably lack a few of this which will lead to poor quality education. We invest in our studies in monetary terms and also in terms of our time. The more time we sacrifice, the more we save on materials and the vice versa is also true.

Student to teacher ratio/Group sizes

When choosing the best school that suits your needs, consider inquiring on the number of students per teacher. While it may be fun and interesting learning as a group, it may also present its own challenges especially in circumstances whereby the students are too many for the teacher to handle. You want an institution which the teachers are able to accord sufficient time to each student to expedite productivity. When it comes to one on one, then you learn and move at your own speed compared to learning as a group. But again it’s not very fun and interesting.


A good school has sufficient facilities such as Wi-Fi, a projector and also study rooms which are designed to support Spanish lessons. Other types of facilities are an added like air conditioning but remember you have to part with a little more cash for those added amenities.

All in all, you will love to learn Spanish in Sydney. The city has very good schools where you can learn the language to help you interact and communicate. Go ahead and choose your perfect place and join the millions of people who speak Spanish. You will love it!