A bridge between two very different worlds…

Language is your key to a different world, a world that without it will remain invisible and inaccessible to you forever.

The Spanish Cat is like a bridge between two very different worlds. Whether it’s for travel, for business, to get to know someone better, or simply for curiosity, let our staff help you to cross that bridge.

The Spanish Cat has been teaching Spanish in Australia since 2004.

Unlike other Spanish schools we have developed and use exclusively our own curriculum, which is specifically designed to get students speaking as quickly as possible!

All of our teachers are native speakers and many of them have been teaching with us since our inception. We are a small but strong and dedicated team of Spanish enthusiasts who love to share our knowledge and passion for the language in a fun and exciting way.

Become a part of The Spanish Cat today and let us guide you into the beauty that is the Spanish language and Latin culture.


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