Our Level 1B Spanish Course


This is what is covered in this level:

The impersonal verb form HAY (Haber)

Learn to find places in general, like supermarkets, pharmacies, bakeries, museums, gardens etc.

The verb SER for descriptions and identification

Here we teach you the many translations of this verb. 

What you will learn: Giving descriptions and identification of people, things, places.  Giving our nationalities, professions and ideologies.

The verb SER for origin.

Here you learn to talk about the material of things, what they are made of or in the case of people, their nationalities.

The verb SER + The weather + Days of the week + Seasons of the year + Months of the year

Conversation: Taking about three countries in Latin America.  Talking about your country.  What you can see there, do and find if you visit it, its weather, its people, food and culture.

Adjectives with SER and Estar

Understanding the difference between a characteristic versus a condition which are given by our choice of SER and ESTAR.

Colours with SER

Here you learn how to describe people.  We play celebrity heads to get confident with descriptions and giving our basic information.     


Differentiating between asking the time or at what time something is happening.  Here you learn to arrange a day, time and place to catch up with friends for a movie or some drinks.

Possessive adjectives: MI, TU, SU

Here you learn to talk about who we live with and about our family.  Understanding the different meanings of SU and using the preposition DE to clarify the ambiguity of this word.

Demonstrative adverbs: ESTE, ESTA, ESE, ESA etc

Here you learn how to point out things you want to buy or things you are your asking about (this, that, etc.).  You learn to choose things without naming them or asking what they are, depending on your proximity to them.


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