Our Brisbane Spanish Teachers


Alejandra Varona

Nationality: Mexican.

Education: MBA, Lic. Accounting.

Teaching Experience: 11 years.

Hobbies: Travelling, Cooking, Teaching and Napping.

What do you like most about teaching Spanish?

It’s fun to teach and I enjoy laughing with the students. It’s rewarding to hear my students saying their first words in Spanish and seeing their improvement as time goes by.

What do you think you offer your students: Maximum student engagement and a fun time.

How would you describe yourself? A cartoon character who enjoys life.



Santiago Varona (Yes, Alejandra and I are brother and sister!)

Nationality: Mexican.

Education: Bachelor of Communication Science

Teaching Experience: I have been teaching for more than six years. My first experience was delivering training programs as part of a Communication Department for new staff, which included course design. Later, in academic institutes, I had an amazing time teaching young people between three and fifteen years which is where I found my calling as a teacher. In Australia I have been teaching at the Spanish Cat since 2011, which has been an incredible opportunity to teach Spanish to people from around the world and to bring the Spanish speaking world to Brisbane.

Hobbies: While I like movies, getting together with family or friends for a nice evening with a good film is what I love the most. I also like to discover new flavours; trying new dishes and learning about them, all with the company of friends, makes the experience even better.

What do you like most about teaching Spanish? 

Learning Spanish is not just about grammar; it is an opportunity to see the world with different eyes. I enjoy sharing this Spanish language & culture journey of discovery with the students. 

What do you think you offer your students?

A great environment to learn. We work together through the learning process to reach new heights and have fun.

How would you describe yourself? 

An uncomplicated person who enjoys life.



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