Believe in Magic!

Magic is a pretty underrated concept these days. We’re taught to believe in things like money, physics or biology, and experience.

And while it is good to believe in all of these things – as we’d be pretty lost without them – it’s never a bad idea to believe in a little magic at the same time.

And as Goethe said – magic is believing in yourself.

If you believe in yourself, trust your instincts and follow your gut, if you don’t give up, however hard the situation might seem, then that is when things will start to work for you!

But that rarely happens easily – and all but the most obstinate, the most obsessive, the craziest of us out there have the belief and will power and sheer belief in our own dreams – to the point of do or die – to make that happen.

And the bigger our dreams, the harder that is. 

But if you do keep believing and keep working towards your dreams – then the magic WILL happen.

You’ll get one of those spine tingling moments when you realise that somehow, against all the odds even, you’ve done it. 

And they are the moments worth living for!

So, if learning Spanish is one of your dreams – if you picture yourself walking in the stone cobbled streets of Cuzco or climbing the mighty Andes, or dancing the tango in Buenos Aires or drinking wine in the vineyards of Chile, all while speaking Spanish like a native – then don’t give up!