Nearly a year ago now we started another business – a Latin American tapas bar and restaurant in Melbourne’s CBD called Vamos.

We started this business with some friends and colleagues – wanting to provide Melbourne with another little slice of Latin America.

We had high hopes. We imagined making a profit after just a few months, and retiring in just a few years….

Well, guess what? It hasn’t quite worked out like that…

A year later we’re still struggling to make ends meet, and although we know we have a great business and everyone who comes really loves it – building a solid business takes time. And work. A LOT of time and work! Way more time and work than you could ever imagine! 

Have we given up, though? 

We’ve wanted to. On many occasions. We all have other jobs (such as working here at The Spanish Cat) and dedicating 50-60 hours to an unpaid job every week can get pretty damn tiring…

We’ve stuck it out, though. We’ve persevered. We’ve kept our hope alive even when all the odds seemed to be against us.

And guess what? It finally seems to be working. Each day now we get more and more bookings. It hasn’t happened nearly as quickly as we would have liked it to – but it is happening. 

The point of this story is not to tell you about Vamos, but to tell you about anything in life that is worthwhile – including learning Spanish.

Anything good takes time. And effort. A lot of time and effort. But in the end, when you finally get there, when you finally reach that moment you’ve been dreaming about, that’s been keeping you going the whole time – then the reward is more than worth it! The feeling of achievement, of having pushed through thick and thin and having believed in yourself cannot be beaten! 

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