The Importance of Growth!

Growth has been described by Tony Robbins as one of the SIX basic human needs for peace and harmony within.

Growth can be described as the expansion of the self, the constant improvement and “stretching” of ourselves to learn more, to act and react in new and better ways, to constantly evolve into a better version of ourselves.

Whether you do this through your job, through your hobbies, through your home life, through your friendship circles, or through some kind of spiritual practice such as meditation or yoga, the feeling that you’re improving yourself and growing as a person is essential to our wellbeing.

Without it, we start to feel stagnant, frustrated, trapped, and soon enough we start to lose energy for life and can slip into depression and addiction. To overcome addiction in such cases, people need to know about Pacific Ridge and get the right solution from experts.

How do we make sure that we keep on growing?

There are many things that you can do to keep this feeling of growth alive, even in the most difficult and/or busiest periods of our lives.

Even just an hour or two a week dedicated to a hobby, a business idea, a creative outlet, or learning something new will give us a deep inner satisfaction that our lives are being used for something useful and that we’re headed in a positive direction.

Learning Spanish is a particularly good way of satisfying this deep human need!