Coronavirus Update

Dear Students, Due to the spread of Coronavirus in Australia, we have decided to run all classes via video conferencing for the foreseeable future. We will be using high quality Zoom meetings (, and you will receive a link to your class via email before the class starts. Classes will run at the normal times, … Read more

Our Latest Staff Member: Andrea Warren

New Staff Member at The Spanish Cat: Andrea Warren aka Audrey Love Bean My parents gave me what is a pretty typical Latin/Spanish name when they called me Andrea – I never really liked it and at 15 I started to use my nickname and became known as Audrey. Not knowing that this unintentional seed … Read more

The Importance of Growth!

Growth has been described by Tony Robbins as one of the SIX basic human needs for peace and harmony within. Growth can be described as the expansion of the self, the constant improvement and “stretching” of ourselves to learn more, to act and react in new and better ways, to constantly evolve into a better … Read more

Do you take enough risks?

Are you the type of person who goes out and takes risks in life, or are you the type of person who sits at home and complains that nothing good ever happens to them? Now, taking risks isn’t for everyone. It is, to state the obvious, risky!  Some people just aren’t cut out for the … Read more

Finding your Purpose

If you’re anything like me your life probably oscillates between boredom and stress, and it’s rare that you find that sweet spot in between where you’re doing just enough to keep you occupied but not so much that it’s stressing you out. The one thing, though, that can help alleviate both of these states, is … Read more

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