Do you take enough risks?

Are you the type of person who goes out and takes risks in life, or are you the type of person who sits at home and complains that nothing good ever happens to them? Now, taking risks isn’t for everyone. It is, to state the obvious, risky!  Some people just aren’t cut out for the … Read more

God and Love

I think one of the things that first attracted me most to Latin America was the spiritual side of the culture. It is something that is not really part of Australian culture (although sometimes I think football might be a replacement) and I was yearning for more of it. My first trip there, when I was 20, was a … Read more

Living a life of significance

Everybody has a need for significance in their lives, but what does significance mean for you? All too often in our culture it’s being important, being better than others, it’s competing with others. We confuse success with significance. Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with success – all I’m saying is that it’s not ALL … Read more

The Secret of Success

Ever wondered what it is that makes some people successful at nearly everything they do, and other people not? What type of person are you? If you’re the latter – would you like to change that? The big difference in the two types of people is how they see the future.  Some people see it as … Read more

Finding your Purpose

If you’re anything like me your life probably oscillates between boredom and stress, and it’s rare that you find that sweet spot in between where you’re doing just enough to keep you occupied but not so much that it’s stressing you out. The one thing, though, that can help alleviate both of these states, is … Read more


Nearly a year ago now we started another business – a Latin American tapas bar and restaurant in Melbourne’s CBD called Vamos. We started this business with some friends and colleagues – wanting to provide Melbourne with another little slice of Latin America. We had high hopes. We imagined making a profit after just a … Read more

Believe in Magic!

Magic is a pretty underrated concept these days. We’re taught to believe in things like money, physics or biology, and experience. And while it is good to believe in all of these things – as we’d be pretty lost without them – it’s never a bad idea to believe in a little magic at the … Read more

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